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OSG CE And Submitter Testing And Monitoring

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    • The code was refactored by Igor Sfiligoi to make it more user friendly, flexible and able to stress test non-Grid resources.
      The package can be downloaded here: loadtest_condor.v1_0_0.tgz
      The programs are in the bin directory; it only relies on command line options that are documented in the binary help screen.
  1. a load monitoring package
    • The first version was developed by Toni Coarasa.
      Follow the links for a description.

Test hardware

UCSD Test Cluster

  • CE hardware
    • 2 x AMD Opteron 275 (4 cores total)
    • 8GB of memory
    • 2TB disk space, mounted as RAID
  • CE software
    • CentOS? 5.2 (x86_64)
    • Condor 7.2
  • worker nodes
    • uses test slots on the production worker nodes
      (shadow pool)
    • there are about 4 test slots per production slot (about 3k total)
    • only very low resource jobs are allowed on these test nodes (policy)

FNAL Test Cluster (operated by FNAL)

  • CE hardware
    • 2 x Intel Xeon E5335 (8 cores total)
    • 8GB of memory
    • 500GB disk space
  • CE software
    • Scientific Linux 4.4 (x86_64)
    • Condor 6.9
  • worker nodes
    • each production worker node runs a second copy of the Condor daemons as a non-privileged user
      (shadow pool)
    • there are 1 test slot per production slot (about 5k total, but can inscrease to 4 to 1 when needed
    • only very low resource jobs are allowed on these test nodes (policy)

UCSD test client

  • 2x Intel Xeon 3.0GHz (4 cores total)
  • 4GB of memory
  • CentOS? 4.7 (i386)

FNAL test client (owned by FNAL)

  • 2x Intel Xeon 3.2GHz (4 cores total)
  • 4GB of memory
  • Scientific Linux 4.2 (i386)

Italy test client (owned by INFN Pisa)

  • 1x AMD Opteron 148 (1 core total)
  • 1GB of memory
  • Scientific Linux 5.2 (x86_64)


First round of tests were performed in Fall 2008 (by Toni Coarasa):

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