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OSG CE And Submitter Testing And Monitoring

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  A third round of tests, using multiple users, were performed in Summer 2009 (by Igor Sfiligoi):
  • GT2 between Italy and UCSD"
    In progress
  • GT2 between Italy and UCSD"
    Submitted 5k jobs per user. Due to limited client resources (single CPU, 1G of memory) -maxidle 1k was used when using multiple DNs.
    With 4 parallel users the job rate limit is 21 jobs/min (compare this to 5.2 jobs/min using a single user).
    Can sustain 43 jobs/min if monitoring not important (compare this to 14 jobs/min using a single user).
    More details at: rates_gt2_r2_single_vs_multi_30min.ods or rates_gt2_r2_single_vs_multi_30min.pdf
  • Network latency is much more noticeable when a single DN is used. Using multiple users, the networking latencies don't seem to be a major issue.
  -- IgorSfiligoi - 2009/08/28

Deprecated information... left only for historical reference

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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="gt2_scaling_limit_rtt.png" attr="" comment="Image: GT2 scaling vs RTT - Limiting factor" date="1251150640" name="gt2_scaling_limit_rtt.png" path="gt2_scaling_limit_rtt.png" size="5654" stream="gt2_scaling_limit_rtt.png" tmpFilename="/tmp/275mbihVES" user="IgorSfiligoi" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="rates_gt2_single_vs_multi_30min.ods" attr="" comment="Job startup rates for GT2 - Single vs multi user" date="1251415685" name="rates_gt2_single_vs_multi_30min.ods" path="rates_gt2_single_vs_multi_30min.ods" size="98771" stream="rates_gt2_single_vs_multi_30min.ods" tmpFilename="/tmp/H8LnuWL6V6" user="IgorSfiligoi" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="rates_gt2_single_vs_multi_30min.pdf" attr="" comment="Job startup rates for GT2 - Single vs multi user" date="1251415697" name="rates_gt2_single_vs_multi_30min.pdf" path="rates_gt2_single_vs_multi_30min.pdf" size="300972" stream="rates_gt2_single_vs_multi_30min.pdf" tmpFilename="/tmp/kcWPidk1QU" user="IgorSfiligoi" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="rates_gt2_r2_single_vs_multi_30min.ods" attr="" comment="Job startup rates for GT2 - Single vs multi user - from Italy" date="1251999655" name="rates_gt2_r2_single_vs_multi_30min.ods" path="rates_gt2_r2_single_vs_multi_30min.ods" size="102140" stream="rates_gt2_r2_single_vs_multi_30min.ods" tmpFilename="/tmp/TdZdDFqgKv" user="IgorSfiligoi" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="rates_gt2_r2_single_vs_multi_30min.pdf" attr="" comment="Job startup rates for GT2 - Single vs multi user - from Italy" date="1251999678" name="rates_gt2_r2_single_vs_multi_30min.pdf" path="rates_gt2_r2_single_vs_multi_30min.pdf" size="301979" stream="rates_gt2_r2_single_vs_multi_30min.pdf" tmpFilename="/tmp/Xf1KeMcpPI" user="IgorSfiligoi" version="1"
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