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Node Status at the UCSD T2 Center



This page is to provide a status report on any nodes at the T2 center that are currently offline for hardware failure or other reasons. Please refer to this page if any questions come up about nodes.

Node Status

Node Reason for being down Date Taken Down Expected Repair Notes
c1-19 Disk Failure Oct 17th 2006 To be determined  
c4-21 Disk Failure Oct 17th 2006 Restored Oct 31 2006 Condor restored, requires dcache pool installation and verification


1. Why are some node numbers missing from the cluster-fork when I execute it

Cluster-fork only iterates over machine names that are in the rocks database. If a machine is permanently removed from the cluster for any reason then it may in the future be removed also from the database. This creates holes in the sequence of numbers but does not affect the running of the cluster otherwise.

-- TerrenceMartin - 02 Nov 2006

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