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Les Houches Project on a Natural SUSY Scan

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 Use the spectrum file you made, and produce from it a full fledged slha file, including all the BRs. Check out the README.fkw to see how.

How to run micrOMEGAs

This sort of has nothing to do at all with this page. However, I wanted to preserve how I got to run micrOMEGA so that I wouldn't have to mess around with it later.

curl https://lapth.cnrs.fr/micromegas/downloadarea/code/micromegas_3.6.7.tgz > junk.tgz
tar -xvzf junk.tgz 
cd micromegas_3.6.7/MSSM
emacs -nw main.c

Now comment out the file: //fkw#define EWSB

Basically, read the README, and it says that if you want to compile the main to work on an slha file then comment out 4 lines of defines in main.c 3 of these lines were already commented out in the version I untared.

gmake main=main.c
./main myFavoriteSlhaFile.slha > dumpOutputHere

The main computes stuff and dumps it to your screen. So redirecting the output is the right thing to do.


Input to softsusy-3.3.8

At the softsusy stage, we only vary one parameter: mu This is set to 100,200,300,400,500GeV. The corresponding slha files are on the webserver

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