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Les Houches Project on a Natural SUSY Scan


How to do this

On uaf in /home/users/fkw/generators/susy/ there are two subdirectories: softsusy-3.3.8 susyhit-1.3 and a README.sezen file.

First go into the softsusy-3.3.8 directory. Check out the README.fkw there. It tells you how to take a file that specs the parameters, and create a spectrum file.

Second go into susyhit-1.3 directory. Use the spectrum file you made, and produce from it a full fledged slha file, including all the BRs. Check out the README.fkw to see how.


Input to softsusy-3.3.8

At the softsusy stage, we only vary one parameter: mu This is set to 100,200,300,400,500GeV. The corresponding slha files are on the webserver

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