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HDFS Xrootd Fallback Administration

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  • /cms/phedex/store/relval
  • /cms/phedex/store/mc/Summer12_DR53X
  • /cms/phedex/store/mc/Summer11Backfill
  • /cms/phedex/store/mc/Summer11
  • /cms/phedex/store/mc/Summer12FS53
  • /cms/phedex/store/mc/Summer12_DR53X
  • /cms/phedex/store/mc/Summer12Backfill
  • /cms/phedex/store/mc/Summer12pLHE
  • /cms/phedex/store/mc/Summer11LegwmLHE
  • /cms/phedex/store/mc/Summer11Leg
  • /cms/phedex/store/mc/Summer11LegDR
  • /cms/phedex/store/mc/Summer12WMLHE
  • /cms/phedex/store/mc/Summer12 (waiting for FKW's go-ahead for this one since it also has a subdir in our x3 namespace)
  • /cms/phedex/store/mc/Summer12DR53X

Namespaces with Replication Set to 3

CMS started running some digi-reco 2015-05-28 which requires xrootd transfers from UCSDT2 to SDSC. To ensure throughput and file availability we upped replication to the following namespace:

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