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GRAM5 tests

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  • Condor-G numbers were much closer to reality under GRAM5 than under GT2.
    • Under GRAM5 Condor-G noticed the termination of the last file close to the 6 hour mark, although it was not always that close during the run.
    • Under GT2, Condor-G thought jobs were running almost 14 hours.
  Backward compatibility, using Condor-G's gt2 mode:
  • everything worked, but only 10 jobs at a time were in the CE queue
  • enough to allow casual use ofa GRAM5 CE, but condor-G 7.4+with its gt5 mode is NEEDED to useon large scale

OSG use of GRAM5

OSG is planning in officially suporting GRAM5 in the near term.

The first step in the process is represented by this planning document.

  -- IgorSfiligoi - 2009/08/12
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