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GRAM5 tests

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A second test on the same installation, with direct comparison with GT2 (on 2010/02/10):
  • Ran 10k 30 minute jobs against both GT2 and GRAM5 on osg-gw-5, using Condor-G v7.4.1 on uaf-1
  • GRAM5 finished in about 6 hours, GT2 took about 9 hours.
  • Condor-G numbers were much closer to reality under GRAM5 than under GT2.
    • Under GRAM5 Condor-G noticed the termination of the last file close to the 6 hour mark, although it was not always that close during the run.
    • Under GT2, Condor-G thought jobs were running almost 14 hours.
  • For detailed results, see bench_30min_10k.ods.
 Backward compatibility, using Condor-G's gt2 mode:
  • everything worked, but only 10 jobs at a time were in the CE queue
  • enough to allow casual use ofa GRAM5 CE, but condor-G 7.4+with its gt5 mode is NEEDED to useon large scale
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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="rates_gt5a2_ucsd_r2.odt" attr="" comment="GRAM5 alpha2 benchmarks - Italy to UCSD" date="1251237000" name="rates_gt5a2_ucsd_r2.odt" path="rates_gt5a2_ucsd_r2.odt" size="85702" stream="rates_gt5a2_ucsd_r2.odt" tmpFilename="/tmp/fQc4gmN6cA" user="IgorSfiligoi" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="rates_gram5rc_ucsd.odt" attr="" comment="GRAM5 rc benchmarks - UCSD LAN" date="1261417592" name="rates_gram5rc_ucsd.odt" path="rates_gram5rc_ucsd.odt" size="52127" stream="rates_gram5rc_ucsd.odt" tmpFilename="/tmp/IyVYPNf9T8" user="IgorSfiligoi" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="rates_gram5rc_ucsd.pdf" attr="" comment="GRAM5 rc benchmarks - UCSD LAN" date="1261417660" name="rates_gram5rc_ucsd.pdf" path="rates_gram5rc_ucsd.pdf" size="504288" stream="rates_gram5rc_ucsd.pdf" tmpFilename="/tmp/ENXExzpirE" user="IgorSfiligoi" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="bench_30min_10k.ods" attr="" comment="Running 10k jobs against both GT2 and GRAM5 - UCSD LAN - Condor 7.4.1" date="1265917299" name="bench_30min_10k.ods" path="bench_30min_10k.ods" size="119176" stream="bench_30min_10k.ods" tmpFilename="/tmp/gJmk2S8nde" user="IgorSfiligoi" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="bench_30min_10k_abs.png" attr="" comment="Abs values of the 10k run" date="1265917956" name="bench_30min_10k_abs.png" path="bench_30min_10k_abs.png" size="55674" stream="bench_30min_10k_abs.png" tmpFilename="/tmp/veIOz3V9ck" user="IgorSfiligoi" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="bench_30min_10k_rates.png" attr="" comment="Rates of the 10k run" date="1265917979" name="bench_30min_10k_rates.png" path="bench_30min_10k_rates.png" size="121908" stream="bench_30min_10k_rates.png" tmpFilename="/tmp/XdjGmrQu3w" user="IgorSfiligoi" version="1"
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