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Stage-out issues at sites

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 2.) Follow up on using this automatically in the gfactory. However, that's already on our follow-up list anyway.

EGEE procedures

Here's an email from Claudio Grandi about how EGEE works the arrival of a job at a worker node: We need to adopt this in glideinWMS appropriately !!!

*** Discussion title: Tier-2 Activities

Brew, CAJ (Chris wrote:
$DG_WL_SCRATCH is set by the site (if it wants to) and is honoured by
jobs submitted through the lcg-RB. gLite-WMS jobs don't honour this but
you can create a file /opt/glite/ppd/cp_1.sh that gets run before
handing control to the job payload.

Exactly. As mentioned in the twiki page I pointed you at 
the site manager has to cd into the top execution directory (e.g. /tmp) 
in the script ${GLITE_LOCAL_CUSTOMIZATION_DIR}/cp_1.sh. Then the wrapper 
creates a directory (e.g. /tmp/) and uses it to start the job.

To be precise the the job wrapper executes:
- ${OSG_GRID}/setup.sh if it exists (relevant on OSG grid)
- the lcg-jobwrapper-hook.sh script that may be present in the VO 
directory ($VO_CMS_SW_DIR)
- the site customization script in ${GLITE_LOCAL_CUSTOMIZATION_DIR}/cp_1.sh
- creates  under the current location and cd's to it.

Note that there are other customization hooks that the site manager may 
use before and after the job execution.

                     Cheers, Claudio

and a second one refering to this first one:

Please see https://hypernews.cern.ch/HyperNews/CMS/get/t2/202/1/2/1/1/1/1/1/1/2/1/1/1/2/1/1.html
for what concerns the expected behavior on EGEE. Instead of work_dir="$EDG_WL_SCRATCH" you have to execute cp_1.sh:

  if [ -f "${GLITE_LOCAL_CUSTOMIZATION_DIR}/cp_1.sh" ]; then

                       Cheers, Claudio

 -- FkW - 30 Apr 2008
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