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This page describes the glideinWMS system as deployed for CCRC08.

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 The configs are pretty obvious. They include such things as maximum jobs expected to run. Maximum number of idle glideins per entrypoint, etc.
The configuration script is at:

This is very CMS CRAB specific (it assumes you are running CRAB). The config lines that do this are

# specify the appropriate constraint
job_constraint='(JobUniverse==5) && ((DESIRED_Sites=!=UNDEFINED) ||

# String for matching jobs to glideins
match_string='(job.has_key("DESIRED_Sites") and
(glidein["attrs"]["GLIDEIN_Site"] in job["DESIRED_Sites"].split(",")))
or (job.has_key("DESIRED_Gatekeepers") and
(glidein["attrs"]["GLIDEIN_Gatekeeper"] in


The GCB logs are in

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