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11 October 22:06 /W2jet_0ptw100-alpgen/CMSSW_1_5_2-CSA07-2221/GEN-SIM-DIGI-RECO CERN, FZK* 4.9TB 103h55m
12 October 21:23 /W5jet_0ptw100-alpgen/CMSSW_1_5_2-CSA07-2224/GEN-SIM-DIGI-RECO CERN, FNAL 172GB 48m
17 October 00:02 /W0jet-alpgen/CMSSW_1_5_2-CSA07-2203/GEN-SIM-DIGI-RECO FNAL 12.9TB  
17 October 01:31 /Charmonium_Pt_20_inf/CMSSW_1_5_2-CSA07-2213/GEN-SIM-DIGI-RECO CERN 1.73TB  
17 October 01:31 /Charmonium_Pt_20_inf/CMSSW_1_5_2-CSA07-2213/GEN-SIM-DIGI-RECO CERN 1.73TB 91h03m

-- FkW - 04 Oct 2007

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  • /Charmonium_Pt_20_inf/CMSSW_1_5_2-CSA07-2213/GEN-SIM-DIGI-RECO
    • Sample requested by Purdue from CERN but Purdue does not have a commissioned link from CERN. This is another peer-to-peer experiment in a relayed data transfer. We will record how long it takes to download from CERN but also to pass on to Purdue.
    • First file downloaded to UCSD at 2007-10-17 09:43:25 PDT, over 8h after the dataset was requested. File is also copied to Purdue already (before 11:13am).
    • All files downloaded and transferred to Purdue after about 3 days (91h).
  • /W0jet-alpgen/CMSSW_1_5_2-CSA07-2203/GEN-SIM-DIGI-RECO
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