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Quick and easy SRM DCache Troubleshooting

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 If needed, use --umount to unmount.

Mounting PNFS areas on phedex-1, the PhEDEx? node

We can distinguish between our 2 SEs in this case.

To mount the area from the dCache 1.7/ Production SE, please issue the following.

mount /pnfs/sdsc.edu/data4/cms/userdata
mount /pnfs/sdsc.edu/data3/cms/phedex

To mount the areas from the dCache 1.8/SRM v 2.2 Testbed SE, please issue the following.

mount /pnfs/t2.ucsd.edu/data/phedex

Maximizing data availability - Pool bootstrap messages in email

There is a Bootstrap process that runs on every pool and monitors its status. If a pool is found alive, there is no action taken. However, if a pool is found offline, then it is auto-restarted ie., 'bootstrapped' and an email is sent to relevant persons. It is useful to simply note the Subject header of such emails. If the Subject says "... All's well", it implies that restart went normal and (most likely) no manual action is needed. If the Subject says "... Failed", then further manual intervention on this pool can be deemed necessary.

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