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  The CrossOSG CE is a glideinWMS-based instance of a standard HTCondor-based OSG CE.
... to be finished ...


For a conceptual point of view, it is trying to solve two problems:
  • How do we get all VOs to easily get access to each and every CPU slot out there
  • How can OSG management regulate who gets how much opportunistic resources

Architecturally, we achieve this by creating a glidein pool out of all the opportunistic resources and then tell VOs to get access to them via this glidein pool.

Technically, this means creating the glidein infrastructure and provide a CE on top of it so VOs can submit into it.

How to use it

From a user point of view, the CrossOSG CE is just another OSG CE.
However, at least for the time being, only a limited set of VO pilot administrators are allowed to use it.
If you are interested in getting access, please contact isfiligoi at ucsd.edu.

The recommended way to get access to this CE is through the OSG glidein factory.
Direct access is however, at least in theory, still possible. For more details, see the usage page.

System components and instructions

  The CrossOSG CE hosted at UCSD has the follow components:
  • A HTCondor Collector where all the glideins register to, together with a Negotiator which handles user priorities
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