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 Your local HTCondor pool should now be ready to use Password Authentication with condor_annex.

Step 9. Install and configure AWS CLI

The AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) is a tool to manage your AWS services from the command line and automate your interaction with them via scripting. Remember, condor_annex itself is a Perl-based script that relies on the AWS CLI to automate the construction of an annex given the inputs provided by a user. As such, the AWS CLI must be installed and configured on any host that will run condor_annex.

If you plan to let your users run condor_annex for themselves when they need additional resources, then you should install the AWS CLI on your HTCondor pool's SUBMIT node. To install the AWS CLI, login as root to your SUBMIT node and run the following commands.

 [root@SUBMIT ~]$ yum install python-pip
 [root@SUBMIT ~]$ pip install awscli 

Once the AWS CLI is installed, each user who wants to run condor_annex will have to configure the CLI using their AWS Security Credentials. To configure the CLI, they must run the following command and enter the requested information.

 [user@SUBMIT ~]$ aws configure
 AWS Access Key ID [None]: ****************4FSQ
 AWS Secret Access Key [None]: ****************RbV6
 Default region name [None]: us-east-1
 Default output format [None]: json

For the Default region name and Default output format, please make sure to instruct your users to enter (1) the codename for the AWS Region that contains your pre-configured condor_annex-compatible AMI and (2) json, respectively. Once a user completes this AWS CLI configuration process, they should find the settings stored in the new .aws directory that has been created in their home directory.


Step 10. Install and configure condor annex

yum install git yum install perl-JSON cd /opt git clone https://github.com/mkandes/condor_annex.git

Step 11. Launch a condor_annex

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