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This page documents bdii loadtests done by Sanjay Padhi for OSG.

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  the launch of the N threads is really much less often than once per second.
  • Continue doing this for a fixed amount of time dt


We then record a few different things:
  • The average time it takes for a query to return is plotted versus epoch time (hprof1 histogram)
  • The number of queries executed is plotted versus epoch time (htime histogram)
  • This is done for all queries as well as separately for those that fail only. A query is defined as failure if it does not come back with content.

Final Results

For the final results, we ran this as follows:

  • Once at CERN for 1h with N=15.
  • 8 instances of the test program run in parallel on our 8core desktop at CERN
  • Submitted 50 instances of the test program to the UCSD cluster.
    • As those 50 instances don't start all at the same time, we then add the histograms up from all the jobs in such a way as to get an appropriate time history.

One instance run from CERN

8 instances run in parallel from CERN

50 instances run as jobs submitted to various clusters

Results from miscellaneous initial testruns


Sunday September 14th

Ran a few different short tests, then one longer test of a few hours.
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