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This page documents bdii loadtests done by Sanjay Padhi for OSG.

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 We then ran this test simultaneously from CERN (12000 seconds) and UCSD (18000 seconds). The CERN test ended at 2:35 Monday September 15th CERN time, while the UCSD one ended at 19:39 pacific on the 14th, i.e. 2h and 4min later.
-- FkW - 10 Sep 2008
  • Response time for the bdii querries from CERN:
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Understanding the client profile better (Monday September 15th)

To understand the client profile better, we did a series of tests where we varied N first on just one machine, and then having the same N but running the test program 4 times in parallel on 4 different (but identical hardware) hosts.

We find the the time per query depends significantly on the number of parallel python threads, but not significantly on whether we run one or 4 simultaneously.

N time for 4 in parallel time for one by itself
1 1.7-2.2s 2.2
10 3.2-3.5s 3.2
20 4.8-5.0s 5.0

-- FkW - 10 Sep 2008

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="bdii-from-cern.gif" attr="" comment="Response time for the bdii querries from CERN" date="1221476008" name="bdii-from-cern.gif" path="bdii-from-cern.gif" size="12774" stream="bdii-from-cern.gif" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp37512" user="FkW" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="riley-if_eth0-day.png" attr="" comment="bdii host system monitoring: network traffic" date="1221476055" name="riley-if_eth0-day.png" path="riley-if_eth0-day.png" size="27038" stream="riley-if_eth0-day.png" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp37564" user="FkW" version="1"
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