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Adding a New Frontend

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  Perform the following steps as root:
  1. Create new user (note: on CERN factories, prefix username with _):
    /usr/sbin/useradd username
    • NOTE do NOT make custom groups with -g when running useradd, leave the frontend groups the same as usernames
  1. Add user to /etc/condor/privsep_config:
    valid-target-uids = feuser1 : feuser2 : … : username
    valid-target-gids = feuser1 : feuser2 : … : username
  2. Authenticate with condor:
    glidecondor_addDN -daemon 'add comment here' "frontend_DN" identity 
    Include in the comment the Frontend name, admin name, and admin's email address. This shows up in the condor config file. the changes will be found in:
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