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Adding a Site to a Glidein Factory


These instructions assume you know the gatekeeper hostname and the VO who requested the entry. The instructions deviate depending on if it is a site that supports CMS or not. The extra steps needed for adding CMS sites will be marked accordingly.

Find Site in BDII

Check OSG BDII (is.grid.iu.edu) first:

$> lds osg hostname* | less

If it isn't there try CERN BDII (exp-bdii.cern.ch):

$> lds egi hostname* | less

Find a queue that supports the VO and has reasonable wallclock limits. Look for the lower of GlueCEPolicyMaxCPUTime and GlueCEPolicyMaxWallClockTime and ensure it has enough time.

GlueCEAccessControlBaseRule: VO:VO
GlueCEPolicyMaxWallClockTime: MINUTES

Make note of the GlueCEUniqueID:


Find site in SiteDB (CMS only)

If it is a CMS site you need to collect some info not guaranteed to be in BDII, and not guaranteed to be accurate if it is. We store a local copy of SiteDB on glidein-1 at:


Search for the hostname and note the site name as well as the SE. The site name as seen in SiteDB from here on out will be known as cmssite_name

Required Fields

We have a tool that extracts most fields for you from BDII. However there are a few that need to be manually supplied. These are:

  • entry_name
  • site_name - shortend group name to logically group different entries to same site. Usually just use a common portion of the entry_name
  • supported_vos - comma separated GLIDEIN_Supported_VOs list
  • cmssite_name (CMS only) - see SiteDB section above.
  • SE (CMS only) - see SiteDB section above

entry_name Conventions

We use the following conventions to name an entry in the factory:

  • If CMS site, append CMS_ in front of the cmssite_name
  • If not CMS site, start with VO name followed by country code followed by a name to describe the site.
  • For both CMS and non-CMS end the name with something to distinguish the gatekeeper or queue for that particular entry.

CMS example: CMS_T2_US_UCSD_gw2
Non-CMS example: OSG_BR_UNESP_medium

Run add_new_entry

add_new_entry takes different arguments depending on the type of site and whether or not it supports CMS.

  • If it supports CMS, run:

$> add_new_entry -p cms_plugin.py glideinWMS.xml glideinWMS.xml.test bdii_server GlueCEUniqueID=GlueCEUniqueID entry_name site_name supported_vos "Added date --your_name" cmssite_name SE
The VO CMS (supported_vos) is always uppercase.

  • Otherwise if it is a site that does not support CMS, run:

$> add_new_entry glideinWMS.xml glideinWMS.xml.test bdii_server GlueCEUniqueID=GlueCEUniqueID entry_name site_name supported_vos "Added date --your_name"


-- JeffreyDost - 2012/10/17

  • Set UCSD_VERS = Production_v4_3
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