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Physics Projects

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 ManoharWise in their recent paper, where they predict Xsection enhancements up to a factor 2-3, independent of higgs mass.
Shih-Chih Hsu Thesis supervised by Lipeles/msn/fkw.

Anomolous Triple Gauge ZZZ Coupling

Brief Description: In di-lepton plus di-jet sample, search for anomolous ZZZ coupling via the pt distribution for Z->ll. It turns out that the high pt region beyond the range of Z+jets receives significant contributions from ZZZ couplings as limited by LEP. A very crude estimate of CDF sensitivity indicates that we might improve upon the lep limits by a factor 3 using 1fb-1 of data.

Matt Norman "back-up" Thesis supervised by fkw/msn/lipeles.


Projects Involving Staff


Searching for new physics with 1pb-1, 10pb-1, 100pb-1, 1fb-1 of CMS data

Brief Description: The purpose of this exercise is to understand what signatures are interesting to look for as CMS starts data taking, and to what extend these signatures are constrained by searches at the Tevatron, especially CDF.

  • Basic Arguments involving PartonLuminosity
  • 1pb-1
    As argued in PartonLuminosity in reasonably general terms, there's really nothing that the LHC can do at 1pb-1 that hasn't already been ruled out by CDF and D0 if they care to do the analysis with their full data samples.
  • 10pb-1
    As argued in PartonLuminosity in reasonably general terms, this is likely to be the regime of " AmbulanceChasing? ". Signatures that CMS has a 5sigma discovery potential with 10pb-1 are likely to be seen as a hint in CDF or D0 with 4fb-1 of data before the end of 2008. Some of the "accidents" to be chased are listed on the AmbulanceChasing? page. Let's see if I can keep this updated for the next year.
  • 100pb-1
    As argued in PartonLuminosity in reasonably general terms, this is likely to be the minimal amount of data required at CMS to clearly exceed the discovery potential of the Tevatron in at least some signatures. It's thus worthwhile to take a closer look at the most likely signatures and compared the supposed physics reach as stated in the CMS Physics TDR vol2. This is done on the CMSDiscoveryPotential? page.

Starting Date: December 31st 2006.
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