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Physics Projects

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 Background Reading is available at BosophilicReadingList .
After initial reading, as documented on the BosophilicReadingList it seems that this isn't worth persuing.

Comparison of NLO and LO pt of the Z spectra in WZ production

Brief Description:
We presently intend to determine anomolous triple gauge couplings from the pt distribution of the Z in WZ in the trilepton plus MET final state. Unfortunately, we expect that the Standard Model prediction for the pt spectrum has significant uncertainties as it is not calculated in all orders of perturbation theory. To estimate these uncertainties, we compare leading order (LO) with next to leading order (NLO) predicted spectrum using mcfm.

Results are documents at NLOversusLOinWZ

December 2006
FkW? using scripts from RamiVanguri? .


Projects involving Ph.D. Graduate students

Introduction to the CMS Detector

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 of higgs mass.

Projects Involving Staff

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